10 Tips for Effective Social Media Marketing

Social Media has now become a major part of not only our lives but also in our business. It is considered a huge disadvantage if you don’t bring your business brand to social media.

I know that it can be very overwhelming when you think about being part of social media on a marketing level. This is because of the multiple platforms that are available online and thinking to run your marketing strategy on them all can be very hectic indeed.

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10 Tips for Effective Social Media Marketing

Using social media for your network marketing business can be easier than you think. You just need to figure out how things are done. By following these social media marketing tips, you will be able to build your business on social media and drive sales successfully.


Social Media Marketing Tip #1
Create a marketing plan

It can be very easy and tempting to just jump into the social media platforms you use and start posting whatever you think is relevant without setting a plan for it. But I am telling you, this is sooo wrong and will lead you to nowhere if you continue doing it.

Any business (or practically anything) in this world can never succeed without a plan. Social media marketing is no different. You need to figure out a strategy to approach your audience and give them a reason to follow you. Your strategy should include:

  • Goals and objectives of your postings on social media – whether you are looking to generate leads, build brand awareness or just for customers’ engagement.
  • Research on your target audience – who are the people who would be interested in your contents/offers.

Social Media Marketing Tip #2
Be available on multiple platforms

Most people tend to focus only on one or two platforms and skip the rest. The thing is, you can not assume where your targeted audience may be hanging. Some people may like Facebook, others Twitter or Instagram. This means you should expose yourself and your business on multiple platforms for more audience coverage.

Let us have a look at some of the social media platforms and how are they good for your business.


For any kind of marketing business, Facebook proves to be the top social media platform because it has the largest number of users logging on a daily basis.

Its main intent is to stay connected with your friends and families and build new friendships. That is exactly what we need in our network marketing business; that is to build new friendships. So we all have to agree that being part of the Facebook community is unavoidable.


Pinterest was nothing not long ago but now it is considered to be a big part of social media marketing. It is mostly used by female entrepreneurs for their business.

It works wonders with direct selling of anything you can think of; products, services, and even business opportunities. It also helps with increasing brand awareness, driving traffic to your blog, building a community with people of similar interest and hence enhancing your relationships with your potential customers.


This visual sharing app has now taken a huge turn towards social media marketing. Advertising your product or business opportunity in this platform can be very engaging and helps reach a large audience of youngsters.

Most network marketers use this platform not to only advertise about their business opportunity or products but to build an emotional connection with their customers. They share photos and videos of their lifestyle to help people know more about them. They often also include promotional posts that generate engagement and later turn into leads.


This platform is all about professionals in any niche you are related to. You can easily find a targeted audience and engage with them by optimizing your personal page according to your niche.

You can also create articles on LinkedIn as a teaser to your blog post and include relevant hashtags as well. If your articles are very valuable, it can help you interact with a whole new audience.

It is fair to say that LinkedIn is not like other platforms. Since it is for professional purposes, it can be a little difficult to manage when compared to the others. But it just needs practice.


Twitter is not like the rest of the platforms where posts can earn engagement after a long time of posting it. It is considered to be a fast-paced platform. You need to frequently post on twitter to increase your content or offer exposure to more audience. The life span of a tweet can be up to 8 minutes. After that, it is less likely for your tweet to be noticed in the news feed.

For more precise demographics on social media platforms check out Hootsuite’s – 100+ Social Media Demographics that Matter to Marketers


Social Media Marketing Tip #3
Create a calendar to post on a daily basis

When you set your place on social media, you need to stay active to make a difference. In order to do that, you need to post on a daily basis.

Most network marketers don’t post regularly because after some time they don’t know what exactly to post; they run out of topics. If you are one of those people, then try going back to your marketing goals and look at what questions come to your mind. Now, research for their answers and write a blog post about it.

If you still can’t get anything then try curating contents by having a look at what your competitors are posting about or what people in your niche are asking about. You can also repurpose previous contents for your new followers to look at and remind old ones to share it as well.

To make this content curation easy for you, create an editorial calendar where you can post all the contents you plan to post on different platforms for the month. Some bloggers advice to plan contents to post for a complete year. But I always suggest that you work on your plan on a monthly basis because this way you can select your topics based on what people are asking.


Social Media Marketing Tip #4
Build relationships to give your customers a reason to recommend you

When it comes to social media marketing, it is all about building relationships with your potential audience. If you interact with them and share valuable contents, then you are giving them reasons to recommend your social media account for others to follow. Also, you are proving your expertise in your niche which again makes them want to continue following you.

If you are not consistent and your posts are not valuable enough, then there is no way you can grow your audience.


Social Media Marketing Tip #5
Make sure you share visuals with your content

Without using photos or videos to compel a person to look at your post, it is very difficult to gain your audience’s attention.

Most people don’t actually read the words in a post if they didn’t see an eye-catching photo/video that makes them pause and try to know more. They just keep scrolling until something grabs their attention and engage with it.


Social Media Marketing Tip #6
Be active in addressing problems quickly

There will be a lot of people who may be interested in what you are offering or in the value you are sharing but have some doubts or negative opinion on something. Those are what I call the potential customers.

This is because they are trying to engage with your content and want to know more about what they want to be part of. So you should always be active in responding to them and try your best to engage with them and know more about them and the problems they are facing. This way they get to trust you and can listen to your offer.


Social Media Marketing Tip #7
Stop over promoting your offers

This is the #1 mistake that most small businesses do. They spend most of their content sharing on promoting their offers and trying their best to decorate their offers in different wordings with the same message.

The 80/20 Rule for posting on social media, social media marketing

People are not on social media just to buy things. They are there to engage with people and entertain themselves. So your job is to make sure that 80% of what you share is valuable content and entertaining posts to your audience. The rest 20% can be your promotions on your offers. This is a fair trade to both your audience and you.


Social Media Marketing Tip #8
Provide value to your followers by focusing on quality instead of quantity

It is true that you need to focus on giving value to your audience but that should focus on the quality of what you are sharing, not the quantity.

Try to really connect with the audience you find most engagement with and work on creating contents that are found valuable to this potential audience. Don’t try to work on sharing everything everywhere. That will disrupt the quality of your posts.


Social Media Marketing Tip #9
Use automation tools for scheduling posts

Having to manage a number of social media accounts and staying active in all of them can be hectic. The easiest way to post regularly and engage with your followers is to use tools that help with the automation of scheduling your posts.

Most of the tools require membership payments to have great features to help with the automation process but some work just fine with the free plans. If you have just started your business and don’t have the budget to pay for those tools, then try to use these free plans until you get to have more audience and more budget as well. It may be more work when compared to the premium plans but it is way less work than manual posting.

If you don’t have a problem scheduling your posts on a weekly basis, then these tools can work wonders with you.

  • Hootsuite – 1 User, 3 social accounts, max 30 scheduled posts)
  • Buffer – 1 User, 3 social accounts, max 10 scheduled posts)
  • TweetDeck – Twitter posts

Social Media Marketing Tip #10
Track your analytics to check the progress

Finally, you need to track the implementation of your social media strategy. This will help you look at the type of contents your audience is most engaged (hence interested) with. This way you get to create more similar contents and share more value to your audience.

Most of all, it helps you gain a full picture of your status on social media and gives you a chance to improve your results so you can work on boosting your success with time.

The best tool for analytics is Google Analytics and it is for free.



If you are new to social media marketing, I would suggest that you take a course on learning the basics of what all you need to be able to start. I recommend courses from Udemy. I consider it an amazing start.

If you are already familiar with the basics, then I would recommend you to consider those tips and start working on your social media marketing strategy.


I hope this post was helpful.

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10 Tips for Effective Social Media Marketing

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