11 Reasons Why You Should Join Network Marketing

If you are thinking to join a network marketing business, then I am telling you, you are doing the right thing.

I know that sometimes you may hear people talking negatively about network marketing and how it can be a waste of time and a complete fraud. But that is not true.


Different people have different ways of viewing network marketing. For some people, it didn’t work out and may as well have just wasted their time and energy. But we have to admit that it worked for A LOTTT of other people.

Network marketing is the type of business where you get nothing to lose but a lot to gain if you knew how to do it right. All you need to succeed in this business is to have the right mindset, patience and proper/proven system to follow that helps you complete the required tasks in the most effective manner.

Now, a lot of people asked me this question, “Why did you join network marketing?” Apart from my story that led me to join this line of business, there were other reasons that persuaded me to join in.

Here are the 11 reasons why I believe everyone should have a network marketing business.

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#1 Earn an extra income

This is the number one reason why most people join in the network marketing business. Each one of us always looks for ways to help them earn extra cash to achieve their financial freedom. Network marketing offers you the opportunity to build your finances.

#2 Residual income even as a part-timer

Imagine earning a full-time income with a part-time job. Or even better, duplicating your income even as a part-time network marketer. With network marketing you can do that; earn a lot of income by just working part-time which also duplicates. Most people start network marketing business as a part-time job because no one would risk their full-time, fixed salary jobs by trying out something they “heard” was amazing. Most people converted their 9-5 jobs to network marketing business once the figured out how it is done.

#3 Low entry fee

This is the only business where you get so spend very low initiation fees. Think of all the crazy overhead a person needs to start his own business. Some people may have dreams of starting their own business someday but it was too expensive to do so. Network Marketing helps you earn and collect the money and start planning your dream business.

#4 Build your own fortune not someone else’s

When you work for someone else’s company like in your current job, who is the one benefiting from all your hard work? You? Think again! It is your company.

The percentage we get from the profits our company made because of us is nothing compared to what you will earn in your own business. Network marketing gives you the chance to build your own fortune; the fairest percentage for your hard work. No matter how long it takes, but you get to your income based on how much work you put into it.

#5 Become Your Own Boss

I bet most people (maybe you too) hate their jobs because their boss is just someone they want out of their life. Some bosses have high expectations with limited resources and others may be nothing but shrieking freaks. All this causes us stress and wishing that we never had someone drilling us to get the work done.

Network Marketing is a business where no one bosses you around. Your upline is there to solely help you grow. No one is going to ask you why did you have fewer sales this month, or why haven’t you recruited anyone yet or whatever. The only person responsible for the success and your business is you. The more you work hard, the more your income becomes. No one asks you to get things done “no matter what”.

#6 Choose your own team

Teamwork is all about working together in a friendly environment. But sometimes when your supervisor/manager asks you to build a team to work with, the hiring process is done through a different person (can be the HR Manager or the hiring department). However, the disadvantage of this is that you won’t be able to pick team members according to your comfort and believes in their claim of committing to this job.

In network marketing, you get to work in members of your own choice by building your own team of network. You get to prospect people YOU feel comfortable working with rather than having your boss shove some lazy person under your radar and gets you in trouble working with him/her.

#7 Flexibility

In our 9-5 job (as the name suggests), we are committed to specific timings that we have to attend no matter what. Sometimes we may come across problems that suspend us from being available at this time. This can cause conflicts at work and most times salary deduction.

In network marketing, commitment is, of course, mandatory but flexibility is also an option. You get to choose your most comfortable timings and commit to them based on your surroundings. No one controls you or your income. No one is your manager. You are the one who manages your business according to your ambitions.

#8 Personal development

In order for a person to develop their skills and become a better version of themselves, they have to be around people who can help them grow both mentally and their business. With network marketing, you get to surround yourself with like-minded, fun and ambitious people that make networking a fun experience. It teaches you to have a positive mentality when facing challenges.

#9 Change your lifestyle

Amazing lifestyle is everyone’s dream. Having to live the freedom in your life and the chance to visit the world, rent the best house, have your children in the best school, feel enthusiastic about life, is what most people fantasize. Most network marketing companies share incentives with their distributors as an appreciation and recognition of their good work. These include travel tickets for holidays, getting a Luxury Car, etc.

#10 You will be trained

Have you ever heard of a business that will provide you with training to help you grow? I am sure you haven’t. When starting a traditional business, you are never provided with the training. In fact, you have to join some courses related to your business and pay for it to understand how to start one.

But all the top network marketing companies provide their distributors with basic training that would help them start in a successful way. Of course, you can always take more extensive training to enhance your basic skills, but the training you get will be more than enough to get you started.

#11 Job Security

You don’t get fired and you don’t have to cling to some job you just wanna quit but have no other option but to continue. Traditional jobs are very risky, especially nowadays. Network marketing provides you with a constant income source whether it be from your recruits or from your customers. You never run out of income source as long as you are committing to your business. You can also retire knowing that the pension fee will not be your only source of income.



I am not saying Network Marketing is a get-rich-fast kind of business. It is considered faster than other business models in the 21st century. The more you think about this, the more you should join a network marketing company. Of course, some companies can be a scam, but you need to look for a legit company and join.

The top examples of the fact that network marketing is really a big deal are Eric Worre, Ray & Jessica Higdon, Richard Branson, Robert Kiyosaki, T Harv Eker and many more.


I hope this post was helpful.

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