12 Network Marketing Recruiting Tips for Struggling Beginners

As a beginner, you may feel lost on how to start recruiting and what the best ways are to approach people. Or, maybe you have been in this business for quite some time now but still didn’t recruit the number of people written in your “Number of recruits this month” column. Either way, you might be struggling with how to do the process.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. This is exactly what happened to me when I started my business. I was trying my best to recruit people into my team but I hardly even got people listening. It was something very demotivating that I had to experience for the first couple of months.

But later, I started to focus on my strategies. I was looking into every step I made, every word I said and how I said it. I wanted to see where was it that I went wrong in. I then started to do my research and pinpoint my mistakes and worked on fixing them. I learned new things/ways that could help me become a better recruiter.

So now, I am writing this post to share with you some tips that I found very useful that helped me improve my recruiting process. Most of them are actual mistakes I did and when I changed them, I found promising results.


Network Marketing Recruiting Tip # 1

Don’t make a new system, follow the one being taught to you

When you start a new business, you want to prove yourself to be creative and very talented when it comes to building a system for growth. If you are like me, then that’s how you would first start. But there is one thing I learned from this, that is, just follow the provided system.

The MLM company that you joined has a business marketing plan that tells you what to do in detail and how to build your system (whether it be about how to market your products or how to offer the business opportunity to prospects). Why not just start with whatever has been provided to you? I mean it is a proven system that made the company last for years and created top earners too.

Don’t get me wrong. Being creative at what you do is an amazing trait that one should keep up but let’s be honest about something. As a beginner, no matter how much of an amazing talent you have, you still have no experience with what works and what doesn’t. So why would you risk your business development on a system that has not been proven to evolve your prospecting and recruiting?

Start with the proven system and later change the parts that you feel will work best if conducted in a different way.

Network Marketing Recruiting Tip # 2

Don’t be an amateur and try to convince, be a pro and offer!

I want you to be honest with me (ok…with yourself), do you approach people by thinking that if they join the business, they are doing you a favor instead of you helping them earn? 0_o

I knew it! Don’t worry though, you’re not the only one. I always believed that all I was doing is approaching people for me (to join ME). But then one of my downlines said this to me one day after joining my business by three months, “Thank you, Reem, for sharing this business opportunity with me. The $150-$200 I earn monthly made a difference with my kids. I was able to get them what they wanted without thinking much about how I can cover other bills and school expenses.”

This lady was a single mom who took care of her two kids. She always wanted to take them out, get them the toys they wanted, and do a lot more for them to be happy just like other kids their age, but after covering all the necessary expenses, she was unable to afford to spend on anything that was out of the basic living expenses. However, after joining my business, she was able to make around $150-$200 a month by sparing time in her busy schedule.

That hit me right there! I realized that when I recruited her, I was thinking of how she could help me. But then it turned out that I helped her. It was an amazing feeling to realize how your offer started to make a difference with someone in need. I then understood that it should never be about us, but about them first.

That is exactly what I am telling you. You are the one doing them a favor by helping them with their pain and solving their problems (whether it be about the business or product/service).

Network Marketing Recruiting Tip # 3

Maintain posture and stop showing desperation

Like I said above, you need to believe that you are offering an opportunity to solve someone’s problem, not just someone to help you evolve your business.

The point on achieving this is by showing it, not just thinking about it. You need to have a posture in your conversation and not give off the feeling that you are very desperate for this person to help you build your business. This is why I always say that you need to be passionate about your products or services, otherwise you can’t maintain posture with low self-esteem.

So stop showing the person in front of you that you are desperate for him/her to join (even if you are because of how an amazing person he/she is, just show that you’re neutral about it). Remember that they are the ones who would benefit from this more than you would. Hence, just smile and show benevolence; and of course, be confident.

Network Marketing Recruiting Tip # 4

Learn to overcome objections

If there is one thing you need to keep in mind, it is that your business/product/service will NOT be fit for everyone. I am telling you, it’s a fact. Some prospects may just not like the business idea/opportunity (may even have prior bad experience with network marketing business or don’t want to be involved at all). Some may not even believe in it at all, and for others, it may be that it is just not the right time to consider your offer. It is all possible.

These points don’t mean that the fault is on you or that you said or presented something in the wrong way. You should always review your approach methods for improvements, but that doesn’t mean that their refusing was about you.

My advice is, just keep maintaining your enthusiasm in recruiting and keep doing what you do without taking into consideration why people “just” object your offer. Always ask people of why they respond negatively about your offer (product/service or business opportunity, whatever) and if their objections could be answered, then clarify it to them. Otherwise, just don’t make their answers shake your confidence on your offer and most importantly, on yourself.

Network Marketing Recruiting Tip # 5

Always work on recruiting positive people

This tip is not only for network marketers or recruiting in that matter. This is a self-development tip as well. Always engulf yourself with positive people that maintain a good attitude. It is the only way you can grow and find yourself reaching your dream goal. Positive people always pull you up by lifting your spirit when you are feeling down.

Now for you to be able to do tip 4, you need people like mentioned in tip 5. They will be the ones to help you overcome a lot of challenges that you might face in your journey. So always aim for recruiting such people because your team is who can help you become a positive leader. If someone from your team is a negative person, trust me he/she will influence you or your organization members negatively one way or another.

So all you have to do is, just try your best to work on recruiting positive people with a good attitude. But if I am being realistic here, you may come across negative people that add some advantage to your business. In this case, you can recruit them and work on changing their mindset. Don’t just let them be by affecting you and your team.

Network Marketing Recruiting Tip # 6

Keep building friendships so you can add them to your WDYKL

Most of the mistakes I notice people doing (and I did too) is that they focus on their current WDYKL (ok, if you are freaking out on the weird acronym, it is Who Do You Know List). What happens when you complete your list? You may say I will shift to cold marketing (if you didn’t already start). But building new friendships is what can help you grow faster. People who know and trust you are more likely to believe and buy from you or even consider the opportunity you are offering.

This means you should never stop meeting new people and filling your WDYKL with new prospects. People would want you to offer them help as a friend, not as a marketer. Everyone hates being sold to but is always ready to buy value.

Network marketing is all about making “networks” and building relationships. I am not saying you should be at the BFF level with people. Keep it professional and authentic, and build REAL relationship. Remember that you are not an opportunist, you are a compassionate individual, and your job is to help people with their pain by sharing with them something of value that solves their problems.

Network Marketing Recruiting Tip # 7

Try your best to recruit face-to-face. It is more effective

Most people choose to recruit online rather than offline. I understand that completely coz this is what I do too. Since, for personal reasons, I don’t go out much which is why I build my presence here online.

But one thing I can confirm is, whenever I tried to sell something to a person face-to-face, I was able to understand him/her more and help them with exactly what they want. If I spoke to them about the business opportunity, they would respond to me even better. Even when I talk about my products, it is easier for me to recommend the right one that could really help them.

I really advise you to always aim for offline prospecting because it is easier to connect with people with whom the body language is visible. Of course, video calls help with it too but still, you need to talk to anyone you find interest in hiring to your organization.

Network Marketing Recruiting Tip # 8

Always ask your prospects for referrals

This is something most people, unfortunately, neglect (I did too until I realized its value to my business). By referrals, I mean someone else who would be interested in whatever you are offering your prospect. People refrain from doing this step because of two main reasons. To explain those reasons, let’s first look at two different scenarios.

In the first scenario, you see a prospect and get very excited to recruit them. You do the business presentation, ask them if they have any questions and clarify their doubts. Finally, when they are convinced about what you’re offering and decide to join you, you sign them up feeling all psyched about someone joining your business and then stop. Don’t ask them for a referral. You feel like you shouldn’t ask them for someone else who would be interested to join immediately because they may want him/her as a future prospect.

Lemme share something with you. Sometimes, someone would know someone who is in desperate need of finding a way to earn money. It is absolutely harmless to ask if anyone else would be interested in this job opportunity. Some may want to have someone else they know with them on this new journey, or they may have an idea of someone who is in need of some extra cash.

In the second scenario, you try recruiting a prospect and they didn’t like the business opportunity and maybe can’t afford to buy a product. Or even worse, they don’t even believe in the product you’re offering or think you are one of those pyramid schemes and trying to scam them. What most people do in this case is, they find it pointless to ask for a referral because they think that since the prospect didn’t like it, they won’t tell about it to their friend.

But again, this is a misconception. You never know what the person is thinking about. Maybe he/she has someone in mind who is very desperate and would need any kind of extra income to help them out and refer them to you. They may not be convinced but that doesn’t mean their friend wouldn’t be either.

In any case, it wouldn’t harm you to ask for a referral. It is crazy how this tip can take you to a lot of places. Our job is networking with people and marketing our products. So someone who knows anyone is a prospect with a referral that can either be a future network marketer or just a regular customer. Either way, you win. So just ask!

Network Marketing Recruiting Tip # 9

Learn to develop daily habits that enhance productivity

I can not stress enough on this tip. I consider this as one of my biggest mistakes when I started this business. I used to wake up every morning and just randomly plan to talk to people, whether it is about my business or products or whatever. It felt very natural at that time and, to be honest, it worked most of the time.

However, after I started to plan my day by creating consistency in my daily habits, everything changed for me. I became much more productive.

I won’t lie to you, it was very difficult for me to maintain a schedule and make it a habit of mine to plan out my day. In fact, I am terrible at sticking with set goals. It never worked for me in college and even after that. I maybe was excellent in setting realistic goals but horrible with fulfilling them. I suffered the starting months of my business with my upline. She is an amazing person who always has my back and taught me how to become a better version of my excellent self.

At first, I didn’t completely follow my daily schedule. I may follow 5 out of 8 and sometimes even 3 out of 8. But I knew that I will eventually change because of how I was making progress. According to the entrepreneur James Clear,

“On average, it takes more than 2 months before a new behavior becomes automatic — 66 days to be exact.”

Seee….it is only fair for anyone to build a new habit. Don’t worry, there is no deadline for it. This study is just a study. You can take your time to build progress, just don’t stop.

Choose a day in your weekend (Saturday or Sunday) and plan out your week and with time, make sure that they become your daily habits. Your daily habits should include some of these:

  • Number of people to talk to about product/business
  • Follow-ups
  • Social Media Marketing strategies implementation
  • Sending emails to prospects
  • Learning about the company’s marketing plan, its products/services in details
  • Personal development time

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Network Marketing Recruiting Tip # 10

Use the F.O.R.M. method of operation when trying to start conversations with prospects

FORM stands for Family, Occupation, Recreation, and Motivational (Some say money or message; I prefer motivational coz people love hearing/talking about that).

Now, what do you mean by that? These four categories are what we call “the safest and most valuable conversation starters”.

This means that whenever you want to start building a conversation with someone, you can start by talking about one of these topics. Try bringing up conversations that can make them talk about their family, what they do, maybe some trending topic or a topic you can feel would interest them, or maybe even something that you found motivational and wouldn’t mind sharing with them that can help you bond.

These topics are very safe to start conversations. They are not personal or inappropriate. They are very simple and considered as a warm-up to know the kind of people they are and if they would be fit to join your team.

Network Marketing Recruiting Tip # 11

Sustain enthusiasm when talking about your offer

According to Belinda Ellsworth, a direct sales expert,

“People will mirror your attitude, your tone of voice, and your body language. If you’re enthusiastic, people will be enthusiastic with you; if you’re confident, people will be confident with you; if you’re unsure, people will be unsure with you; if you’re hesitant, people will be hesitant with you. Get the point?”

I totally agree with her. I have been experiencing this all my life. Enthusiasm is very contagious. You need to make your prospect excited about what they are planning to get themselves into. If you show hesitation or lack of interest in your products/services, why would they be excited or even interested to buy from you? Or if you believe your business is not that great and doesn’t fulfill the promises it makes, why would they want to join this kind of business? And with you? The person who is not excited about what they do.

If you show a lack of interest or believe in what you do or sell, no one would want to join that environment. I am not saying that you should oversell or give this vibe of “you need to enroll in my business”, just be natural and show excitement in your business or product.

Network Marketing Recruiting Tip # 12

Always be prepared when recruiting people

You have to make sure that you are prepared when you want to recruit someone. That includes being emotionally, mentally and physically prepared. I know you understand what mentally and emotionally prepared means, but what do I mean by physically prepared?

I mean that you need to get everything ready for your recruiting process. This includes your documents, presentations, links, products and so on.

You have to know that everyone in this life is busy; whether they are employed, unemployed, mothers, singles, anything. Everyone is responsible for something in their life one way or another. So you must have the concept that when you are talking to someone, they are making time for you. So would it be ok with them for you to just waste their time?

I have seen some presenters coming late to their presentation, or forgetting the documents to share and some even forgot their laptop, can you imagine? What impression are you sharing with the person who you want to join you and take your offer seriously?

So what I am saying is, if you plan on having a presentation with a person (online or offline), always be prepared. Make your organization of materials in such a way that they can be easily accessible during the conversation.

And always be prepared for unexpected opportunities to recruit someone. Try to save links and other materials on cloud-based storage (like Google Drive) so you can access it from anywhere and at any time.


In short, learn to never stop recruiting. I would recommend you to talk to at least 10 people a day. This means that by the end of the month, you will have talked to 300-310 people. In the worst-case scenario, at least one of these will join and maybe 5 of them will try your product. The numbers will grow. Remember, network marketing is a game of numbers. The more exposure, the more the chances of recruitment.


I hope this post was helpful.

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