4 Mindset tips for Direct Sales in Network Marketing

When you first joined the network marketing business, I am sure your upline told you that network marketing is a home-based business where you get to make thousands by running your business from home all the time. But did they happen to mention the mental struggle with your positive mindset attitude that you would face when trying to accomplish your direct sales?

4 Mindset tips for Direct Sales in Network Marketing

Network marketing is all about making direct sales and online marketing. In order for you to make the promised money, you need to sell the products whether it be online or offline. To do that successfully, you need to follow different strategies and work your way to your mission.

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In order for this strategy to be effective, you need to set your mindset to stay focused on your goal and deal with disappointments and rejections.

Here are 4 mindset tips that will help you when doing direct sales.


Mindset Tip #1
Believe in the products so that others do

The main key to sell anything is not the person you’re selling to (although target audience is important), or the product you’re offering. It is you and your belief in what you’re talking about.

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You need to retain a positive attitude so you can boost your confidence and stay calm when prospecting people. You need to show your passion towards the product/service when you’re talking about it.

So just set your mind in such a way that you believe in what you’re offering and that you will make the person in front of you also believe in its quality. This way you are giving them a reason to believe in you, successively, they will purchase the product/service.


Mindset Tip #2
Learn to handle rejections

Positive attitude can sometimes be crumbled when we start getting rejected by the very people we believed would love our offer. But, it’s ok! Really! It happens. Not everyone realizes the value of something amazing right away. Some people don’t believe it is right for them. You should understand that no matter how many no’s you face, there will be a YES waiting for you down the line. That’s how it always is.

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Rejections are part of the process. You need to learn how to handle rejections. People always have questions and concerns about stuff. If you were able to answer those concerns, that’s awesome. But sometimes, even after giving them the perfect answer, they still are not interested to buy. That’s fine. You shouldn’t think it is buecause of you. Your job is to share your passion and offer a solution to their problem. It is up to them to accept it.

Sarah Robbins explains how to deal with rejections in network marketing.


Mindset Tip #3
Keep approaching people no matter what

Never stop talking to people and approaching them to be your customers. Just keep prospecting and talking about the products/service in a positive way to anyone you meet without thinking whether they will be interested or not, and trust me, eventually, you will make great sales. 

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That’s exactly what happened with me when I first started my business. I was afraid to approach people and talk about my products/business opportunity because I didn’t want to seem spammy or pushy for people to buy my products. But later I noticed that people who I least expected would pay for my products, they actually did.

So remember, no matter what you think, just keep prospecting and exposing your passion with everyone around you. Eventually someone will be interested.

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Mindset Tip #4
Always be friendly

If you are the serious kind of person or you give off a not-so-friendly first impression, do you really think people will be interested to listen to you or be anywhere near you? You certainly killed it!

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People love talking to people who are attainable and give off friendly vibes. They want to feel comfortable when talking to strangers so they can become acquaintances. After all, the minute they buy something from you, that means they are planning to be your regular customers if they loved the product/service. So, who would want to communicate with an unfriendly distributor?

To sum up, all I want to tell you is, don’t be discouraged on your journey to success. Remember that any job in this world is a bumpy ride and quite difficult at first, but when you have a firm grip on the tips and tricks of how things are done, you’ll be the expert. So post these points on your board and set your mindset to make use of these four tips.

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4 Mindset tips for Direct Sales in Network Marketing

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