7 Benefits of Social Media in Network Marketing

Ever since social media started to dominate our lives, marketers now turned their focus to building their presence online. Around 91% of them claim that building their brand via social media immensely increased their audience and exposure to their products adding benefits to their business.

Social Media users keeps increasing by the day. According to Oberlo, there are 3.2 billion users that login and communicate on a regular basis using their social media accounts. That's like 42% of the population (almost half of the people on this planet). Think about how easy it can be to reach these people.

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For your network marketing business (or even any business), this statistics has a lot of advantages. Social media has now become the most crucial aspect of digital marketing. If you are not making use of this remunerative feature, then you are wasting a huge opportunity in broadening your business world wide.

I know that some of you may prefer using face-to-face meetings with prospects to be able to interact with them. I totally agree with you and I recommend that you always keep approaching people to meet in-person; that is highly effective. But we have to also admit that exposing your business/products to a larger targeted audience will 100% increase your recruiting process by *GodKnowsHowMuch* percent.

Social media marketing has changed marketing strategies. Today social media offers business owners prodigious number of approaches to share their business opportunity/products through organic or targeted marketing.

7 benefits of social media in network marketing

Let me share with you some of the benefits and the reasons why it is important to authorize your network marketing business on social media.


Social Media Benefit #1
Increase your brand awareness

If you apply an effective social media strategy, you will be able to brand yourself online and be recognized by most of the 3.2 billion users using social media.

By branding yourself online, you can easily get discovered by sharing who you are and what value your brand gives to the audience interested in your niche. In this way, you get to impress potential prospects by developing a unique professional identity to masses of people by just a single click. This gives them a reason to reach out to you without feeling skeptical about your identity.


Social Media Benefit # 2
Expand your reach

If you present yourself on social media, you are putting yourself in front of people outside your circle without the need to spend money on traveling to meet new people and prospect them face-to-face.

In some cases (especially when you are a newbie to this business), it can be inconvenient or not affordable to spend on travelling since you will be having other expenses to cover. So why limit your reach to your geographical area when you can reach out to the world? There are a lot of entrepreneurs in rural areas that built their business globally without moving from their location.


Social Media Benefit # 3
Generate targeted leads

Lead generation mainly concentrates on bringing to your sales or prospects list. To do that, you need to gather information on your target audience's interests, pain points and other points that can help you learn about your prospects.

With social media, potential prospects can easily express their interest in your business/products. So, instead of you chasing prospects that may or may not be interested in your MLM business/product, you can make them reach out to you. This way you get to build your prospect's list that match your targeted audience.

Social media makes gathering information about prospects even easier for you because of the information that most people share readily when setting up their accounts. So needlessly, it makes social media a perfect place to generate new targeted leads.


Social Media Benefit # 4
Strengthen relationships

Building relationships is not just something you can do offline. You can build relationships with people online too. Most relationships on social media start with a like or comment on their posts. Sometimes it can also be by a birthday wish or a congratulations for getting married/graduated etc.

All these are reasons are solid enough for anyone to build and even strengthen their relationship with someone. Would you be knowing about these details if you didn't use social media to reach out to them? Will you get about their social updates via email and phone calls like you would on social media platforms? For example, Facebook helps with getting birthday notifications, Instagram helps with seeing a pic of their wedding etc.

There are a lot of tools social media provide you that you should be using to help you interact with your prospects and even team members to show them that you support and remember them. These not only include wishes on occasions, but also sharing encouragement tips to your team members and niche related posts to your prospects.

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Social Media Benefit # 5
Foster prospect engagement

Everyone expects legitimate brands to be on social media and for them to be able to communicate with that brand. So again, social media is giving you the opportunity to engage your prospects directly with your brand (that is you) by giving instant feedback in a faster and easier communication protocol.

Another point is, whether you know it or not, people are always there to talk about you and/or your brand positively or negatively. So you have to try to stay active on social media to be able to immediately respond to those comments or posts that talk about your brand.


Social Media Benefit # 6
Get insights on other network marketers

We all tend to learn more on our niche by watching how top leaders do their business. No one becomes an expert all by themselves. My top influencers in network marketing are Eric Worre, Ray Higdon and Tanya Aliza. Looking at their work, I learn how to build mine.

Also, since everyone else is on social media, you get to learn more on how other network marketers are running their business and know what people are saying about them. You might then get exposed to certain pain points that prospects are struggling with and help you understand your target audience even better. So what you have to do is, find a way to share the solution to these pain points hence increasing the value of you brand. This way you may even win over new prospects in the process.


Social Media Benefit # 7
Create user-generated content for your blog

We all know that blogging is one of the most important lead generating aspect when it comes to network marketing (or marketing in general). It helps you showcase your personality to the prospects and help them understand that you have a solid foundation on what you are sharing with them.

By creating interactive posts on your social media accounts, you can find out what people are looking for and later work on generating contents that fulfill their needs or is a solution to their problem.



Keep prospecting people in-person but also invest a good amount of time on social media prospecting as that will help you learn more about your prospects and learn from other network marketers.


I hope this post was helpful.

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7 benefits of social media in network marketing

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