Do I Have to be Passionate About My MLM Products?

Before I answer the question “Do I have to be passionate about my MLM products?” I am going to ask you something. If, for example, I work as a distributor for Samsung mobile phones and I started talking about how amazing Samsung is over an iPhone and recommended it to you with proof of reviews from other people online, and when my phone rings, you notice that I am using an iPhone, will you believe any word I say?? Just think about it!


Of course you won’t! If I believe what I am saying about Samsung is true, then why don’t have one myself? Why am I using iPhone and not using Samsung if I believe it is better than an iPhone? Unless people see that you are using the product because you really love it, no one will take you seriously. You need to know that you can only promote a product/service if you believe in it. Otherwise, it is a loss-cause to convince someone on how great your product is if you don’t believe in it.

Another point is, sometimes people don’t really listen or care enough on your recommendation or promotion. They care to see how consistent you are in using the product/service and the outcome it shows that they could see right before their eyes. So, they need to see the product/service around you a lot to at least think of trying it.

This happened to me and one of my friends. The first time I tried promoting my MLM products to her, she was not very convinced. I am not saying she didn’t believe me, but she didn’t find it very convincing that it would really be good enough. I didn’t push the matter, I let her see the results of that product by herself. After a while, when we met again, she noticed I was using the same product and she loved what she saw. Today, she is one of my regular customers. Not only a customer for that particular product, but also to all products that she found relevant to her needs.

I am here to give you an advice I realllllyyyy want you to consider. If you feel that the products/services that you are going to promote don’t make sense, then the business itself won’t make sense. So make sure that you are passionate about what you’re selling so you can achieve your goals to its peak. This means you need to share a good product experience naturally with people, and you need to believe that it is at a fair price and is a great deal for the customers.


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