How To Stay Motivated In Network Marketing

Do you lack the motivation to carry on with your business and don’t know how to stay motivated?

Are you looking for success tips that can help you get motivated?

Do you feel like nothing is working to get you up again?

Trust me!!! I’ve been there!


It is totally normal to feel overwhelmed as a network marketer. Sometimes you get frustrated with the things happening around you.

All these are very normal feelings and I don’t want you to give up because of them. Whenever there is a problem, there is a solution to it. You may not see it yet, but I promise you, it IS there.

Let’s brainstorm some of the reasons that may get you demotivated in your business and later we can see of ways to find a solution to this frustration.

  • Your goals/plans are not completed.
  • You listening to some negative comments because you are engulfed by negative people.
  • Didn’t sell enough products this month (or a couple of months).
  • Got rejected by someone you were trying to prospect.

Buddy, this is totalllyyy part of the job! You are a network marketer! You are in business! It has its peak days where you can prospect 10 people a week and sell a lot (maybe even more than expected), and also has its days when you may prospect one or none a month and sell just a single product in a month too.

When this happens, don’t get yourself demotivated and be like “What is happening? I am not good at this business thing. I want to just let everything go and get back to my normal life.”

You have to know that the key to success is not to get discouraged no matter what happens. And remember that what you’re looking for is the long term success.

Remember those three tips to keep on going whenever you feel pessimistic about yourself or the business.

Look back at the short and long term goals that got you into this business in the first place. (Create a Vision Board)

Try doing like me. I have a board where I have some motivational quotes that give me that “push” I need to redirect back on track, and I have my long term goal written in the middle of the board. It helps to remind me why I started this business and I should keep going.

Have a positive attitude.

You have to believe that you can achieve success. Challenges always make you better. They teach you new things and give you more experience about things you never knew existed. Having a positive attitude is about seeing an opportunity in every obstacle. Like Eric Worre said in one of his videos, “We never fail. We either win or learn.” Keep that in mind!

Try taking action by thinking outside the box.

So you didn’t sell according to your sales target, look for other activities that can help you achieve it. Didn’t prospect much (or even at all), try talking to more people and offer them the opportunity.
Try to look for ways to improve your techniques in what you’re doing. Ask for help from your upline/influencers to guide you and help you with the points that need improvement.


These are the key points that should get your mindset elevated. Mindset is the most critical and significant part of becoming a successful person. If you notice, all entrepreneurs work on their mindsets and that is their secret to their success.

So to reach their level of success, never doubt yourself thinking you’re not good enough for this. You are no different than other network marketers making huge income. You can become something you never thought was even possible. Don’t inferior yourself. Always talk positive and mighty about your ability.


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