How To Build Relationships in Network Marketing

Network Marketing is all about making connections with people and prospecting. The more friends you make, the more successful you become in network marketing. Which means, for your success in the network marketing business, you need to cultivate relationships with all kinds of people.

In network marketing, you need a good, strong team to rely on to make more sales of the products/services and also to recruit more members. So for this to happen, you need to nurture your relationships in your network and keep it growing. But how to do that?

how to build relationships in network marketing

In my last post Do You Find It Hard To Start A Conversation With Prospects, I listed some questions that you can use as a conversation starter to help you approach prospects. But that is not all it takes to build relationships. So in this post, I will share with you some tips that you need to keep in mind to help you make friends.


Building Relationship Tip #1
Get your goals straight

Do I wanna talk about my products? Am I trying to recruit this person? Is it just to get a referral because he/she told me that they were not interested? Why am I networking in the first place?

You should ask yourself these questions before trying to talk to anyone because if you just keep talking without having a goal in mind, then you won’t be able to get anything done.


Building Relationship Tip #2
Make a list of places to network in.

Two or three decades ago, network marketing is not as easier as it is today. Our options to have our business opportunity exposed were very limited. But today, with social media becoming a huge part of our lives, we have more chances of exposing our business opportunity to a larger audience.

There are a lot of places where you can meet people to talk to face-to-face or even find people online. So what you have to do is, make a list of places where you can meet people to share your business opportunity with then start visiting those places and network with everyone around you that you find to be a potential prospect.

If you need help with where to find and connect with them, check out this FREE PDF:

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Building Relationship Tip #3
Research and approach your targeted audience.

Before you go out there trying to sell anything to anyone or just talk about your business opportunity to people, you need to know who are you going to tell what. This means you have to do complete research on your target audience before networking with anyone. Not everyone will be interested in what you offer or talk about and connect with you.

This tip is different from setting your goals. Here, your research will be on the person you’re approaching. This means that you need to know all the necessary information about the person you want to be your future prospect. This can be done by talking about him and knowing more about his life. Later, you can talk to him about your offer using a casual, solution solving strategy.

Remember: Not everyone is a good prospect. It is always better to choose your prospect in a selective manner rather than just talking to every single person in the room.


Building Relationship Tip #4
Don’t expect them to reach out to you. You take the first step.

You should never wait for people to approach you. You can be the one starting the conversation and building rapport with people you feel are interesting and want to communicate with.

Again, you can use my conversation starter questions to help you with approaching people to connect with.


Building Relationship Tip #5
Don’t make the meeting about you.

This was my personal mistake. I am a very social person and I love meeting people and making new friends. I always had this theory in mind that once people know what I am doing and how awesome it is, they will immediately want to join in and I can easily recruit them.

Whenever anybody asked me about what I do, I told them about my teaching job and my network marketing business. I also thought that if people asked me “What do you do?” and I answered, “I help network marketers build a solid business by helping them understand how to build a stable business from scratch and moderate their expectations to realistic goals.” or just “I help people create financial independence and leverage for them and their families through direct sales and online marketing.”, that they will be very interested to know more about it and start asking questions by saying “OMG! Are you serious? Tell me more coz I wanna be like you!” I know right…I was crazy.

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Networking is never about you. It is about your prospect. You need to focus on them and on how they can benefit from you and your offer, not the other way round. So, always listen and ask them about their thoughts and opinions.


Building Relationship Tip #6
Share value with people to keep them interested.

Think about it! If you found a person who helped you with an issue that meant a lot to you to solve, wouldn’t you want to connect with that person? It doesn’t have to be related to your business. It can be anything. Like, for example, if someone is looking for a place to travel and wanted help finding an agency to help him with choosing a place with reasonable expenses, then recommending one will show your care and the person will grow to like and trust you. Therefore, you always have to add value to a relationship for it to continue.

Being professional and helpful is just what you need to build trust with people.


Building Relationship Tip #7
Personalize their engagements to feel connected.

Nothing feels more connecting than someone sharing an experience from a similar situation. This creates an understanding of each other that increases the chances of having a relationship with the person. A simple “I know right. I know exactly how that feels because I had a similar encounter when…that that that happened…” can create a great bond with a person.

However, be careful of faking your personality just to fit in the person’s life or connect with him. If you do that, then it would mean you’re just being a fraud, not a normal person. Frauds can be identified easily in deep conversations because there will be loopholes or mix-up in their words.

Therefore, in order to connect with people, you need to talk about how you felt about a similar situation without exaggerating or making up things.


Building Relationship Tip #8
Give them space but remain visible

After talking to someone the first time and deciding to stay in touch with them in the future doesn’t mean they want to be contacted every single day. Things you shouldn’t do with the intention of networking:

  • Stalk them by meeting them almost everywhere they go.
  • Attack them with calls or messages.
  • Call them in inappropriate hours like during their business hours etc.

Just don’t come off as a person who does nothing but networking all the time having nothing else to do. It is just unprofessional. You need to give them space and time to keep the relationship interesting.

Every now and then, you can check up on them to remind them of your presence. But also, don’t take tooo long to contact them because they will just forget about you. Keep things neutral.


Building Relationship Tip #9
Remind them who you are and follow up

If I met someone last week for the first time, I most probably will not remember him today. It is human nature; out of sight, out of mind.

So when you give them a call, remind them first who you are and how/where you met. Then talk about the objective of your call.

Even if you don’t have a reason to contact them, it is ok. Just check up on them and on how things are going on in their lives. Maybe talk about the last goal they mentioned when you last contacted each other and inquire about its progress. If it is something you can help with, offer your assistance, or maybe you know someone who can help. In general, just be casual.


Building Relationship Tip #10
Always congratulate on events and use the magic words

This is something I teach my kids at school and man it is so true!

If it is someone’s birthday or wedding anniversary, congratulate them and wish them well. I always prefer to mention your network’s events in your diary to remember wishing them on their big days. This will create a valued appreciation and hence a stronger bond.

Apart from events, use words like Sorry and Thank You to show human courtesy and rise respect from others.


Building Relationship Tip #11
Put yourself in their shoes; so be positive, polite and engaging

The exact meaning of connecting is: Putting yourself on one’s shoes.

Whether you are trying to network for business or personal purpose, always do things and say stuff that you are ok with if you were in their place. This will help you create a natural conversation and bond naturally.

Create an attractive posture and maintain eye contact when talking to your prospects. Most importantly, make them feel like you are really communicating with them without any distractions.

Also, don’t try to have a very personal conversation, especially on the first meeting, even if you feel very comfortable with each other. That would just be inappropriate and drive people away for sure. No one will share their health issues or their salaries or even the story of their life in the first meeting. Let the future encounters with that person answer those questions.


Building Relationship Tip #12
Build long-term relationships not short-term

When you approach someone, don’t just think that this relationship is for making them part of my team or making them purchase something from me sometime soon. Think of it as you wanting to diversify your audience and make new friends.

With time, and progressing on your future approaches, things can change. So think of this as a long term relationship goal, not just a short-term one.


Building Relationship Tip #13
Make networking part of your lifestyle

This is a very important tip for building rapport. Creating relationships is not something that you can do when you are desperate to make sales/promotions or increase your team members. It is something that has to be part of your lifestyle and become a habit.

You need to meet people and build rapports throughout the year. This way you will have a gradual increase in your network which is organic and healthy.



To summarize all these tips and explanations just remember one thing: you can never build a rapport overnight. It takes time to build any relationship. Just follow these tips and you will see your friends list increasing.

Don’t get disheartened if these new people did not become your customers or team members. They may become one in the future or they just would refer you to someone of interest.


Here is a video where Anthony Robbins shares the psychology behind the process of building a rapport with someone and what is the best way to do it.


I hope this post was helpful.

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how to build relationships in network marketing

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