How To Follow-Up With Your Network Marketing Prospects

Usually, you hear that follow-up is the key to success in network marketing. Now what exactly does that mean?

On your first meeting with your prospect, never expect that they are going to sign up right away. No matter how well you presented them your offer, only 1% of your prospects will sign in immediately.


Our goal from every prospect should be either 1) Make them signup, 2) Make them a customer, or 3) Get a referral of other prospects from them.

The reason of the first exposure is not to make them join but to give them an idea with what you do and how you can help them. It takes more exposures for people to educate themselves on your offer and finally agreeing to sign up. These other exposures are what we say, the follow-ups.

Some people may refuse from the first exposure and that’s ok. These can then turn to customers or they can refer you to someone else who might be interested.

According to this amazing book How to Follow Up With Your Network Marketing Prospects by Keith Schreiter, follow up has two goals:

  1. Creating rapport and building a relationship.
  2. Moving the prospect forward toward a “Yes” or “No” decision.

Beginners feel that follow up is the most difficult thing to do because it sometimes feel pushy when you don’t know how to do it. But you have to know that all you do in a follow up is either to get closer to your prospect and know more about them, or that you are already in good terms and you just need a “Yes” to start your business together or just a “No” so you move on and not waste either of your time.

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What to say on a follow up?

Follow ups depend on different scenarios, type of market (cold or warm) and method of contact. You need to differentiate between these points and then send the follow up message.

I am going to share some of the scripts I use when following up to give you an idea of how to conduct your follow ups. Eric Worre’s GoPro has amazing script ideas that I highly recommend.

1st follow up: (right after your first meeting)
“Hey Lina! Hope you’re doing fine! It was amazing talking to you the other day. I’d love to help you get the additional income that you need to help you with your college expenses. Here is the link I promised to send: __________.
How soon can you watch it?”

2nd Follow up: (asking if they watched the link)
“Hello Lina! How are you today? I am not sure about you but I am having a hard time dealing with this weather. The heat is too much to bear. I hope it is tolerable for you though.
I know you’ve probably been busy with life and all as I haven’t heard from you since the last message and it’s ok. I just wanted to check if you’ve watched the link I shared.”

If they say they are interested:

“That’s amazing news. I am glad you enjoyed it.”
“What did you like best?”

They tell you what they liked
“Yes exactly….I know right! It made total sense to me too and I knew it would interest you.”
They will have more questions to clarify
“OK! Let us do one thing. If I sent you a 30-minute video that explained to you better than I would (or answers the exact questions you just asked), would you watch it?”

If you don’t hear from them after making an appointment:

“Hello Lina! This is Reem Shams. I am not sure if you got my call today but I tried reaching you at 10 am today as per our appointment but was not able to reach you. I hope all is well at your side. I will call you tomorrow at the same time. If it is not a good time for you, then do let me know when to reach you so I don’t bother you. Have a nice day! :)”

You call the next day and still no answer:
“Hi Lina, this is Reem. I hope you are doing fine. I have called you today as well but no response. Please give me a call when you get a chance. If this is something you are not interested in or is not the right time for you, please do let me know so I remove you from my list and not bother you. But I would hate for you to miss out on something you might love, and most importantly that would be of great help with your college expenses. Have a nice day! :)”

How often to follow up?

You don’t want to sound very needy by spamming them with calls/messages of whether they wanna join or not. You have to give them space to think it through and show them that you are sharing the opportunity with them for their sake not for yours.

The best way to not sound needy is to use the 2-2-2 Follow up system.

This means following up every 2 days, 2 weeks and 2 months. This way you remind the person of your offer while giving them a room to think about it.

TIP: In every follow up message/call you share should mention their goals, that is their “Why”. This way you can help them stay focused on what they want to achieve, and how to get it!


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