How To Succeed in Direct Sales in Network Marketing

In order for network marketing to become a huge success, you need to work on your direct sales skills.

Everyone worries about making successful direct sales in their network marketing business. This is because they believe that they would come out sounding too sales-y or that they don’t have the ability to convince people to buy from them.

How To Succeed in Direct Sales in Network Marketing

The truth is, no matter how much people like you, that, in no way means that they are going to be your customers or even try buying your products. This includes family and friends as well.

Your family and friends may love you and do anything for you, but that doesn’t mean they will buy from you for sure. I spent the first 3 months of my business depending on my friends to make sales, but that didn’t turn out how I’d expected it. Some of my friends mocked me for getting into this business and others were looking for faults in the products I shared with them.

Of course, it was not the case with all my friends. Most of them enjoyed what I shared and became my regular customers. But we all know that the circle should not stop there.

I don’t call myself an introvert, but I am not a very interactive person either. Approaching people to talk about my product and try “selling” to them without sounding sales-y or needy is just something I suffered with (ok…still suffering a bit, but working on my anxiety 😁😅).

I made some innocent mistakes at first that only my friends buy from me. This made me feel like something was wrong because my products are too good not to use and why is that people are not buying from me. I started to realize that I was making some silly mistakes that I didn’t even think were mistakes.

With that said, I want to give you some tips on the dos and don’ts of direct sales that will help you close more deals with your potential customers without giving yourself off as a salesperson. This will help in making people wanting to come back to you.


Tips on Direct Sales

Direct Selling can be difficult if you didn’t know how to do it. Here are some tips that would help you change your methods and avoid the mistakes I did when I first started this business.


Never lie about your product

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Sometimes, frustrations can cause a person to lie about the effectiveness and certain features of the product. Like for example, you say something like, “This anti-aging serum will help you look younger in a week” when it actually takes two weeks to notice a change.

Don’t do that. Just be honest! You know what they say “Tell a lie once and all your truths become questionable”. If you lie, once, about any of your products and got caught (which you will eventually), then your credibility will downhill all the way to the trash can.

When people trust you, they will want to give your products a chance based on your word and hence they will give it a try.

My personal tip for you is to always tell people to expect anything from this product. I usually use this sentence when someone asks me about the credibility of my product. I always reply saying, “Whoever bought this product never regretted it and I hope you can experience the change you are looking for.” I also show a before and after photo to show them what to expect the result to look like.

Also, never fail to mention that not all products work the same with everyone. People try things that worked out for others but didn’t work out for them. Haven’t that ever happened to you? I am sure it did. So this is no different.

Show your customers that you are offering a solution to their problem that has worked for whoever tried it (including yourself if you did) and all you are doing is, offering them that solution and hoping it works out for them too.

This works wonders with me and my team because you are building trust with your customers and showing them that you care about them, not just trying to make sales to earn.

So all you have to do is be realistic about your product and don’t try to oversell it. Just state facts about what it is and how it can help your customer. This is the only thing that would interest them; the benefits, not the features.


Don’t spam people asking them to buy your products

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The last thing you want to do is just keep going behind your potential customers asking them to buy or try your products. Sometimes, without your intention being so, it becomes all you talk about.

The problem is, when you meet people, you concentrate on talking about your business and product thinking that the more you talk about it, the more you try to show the awesomeness of your product, the more people are going to buy when you ask them. This is not true and it is not how direct sales work.

People will just get tired and avoid you the next time you meet them. Also, another stressing point that I am sure your customers will hate is bickering them to post about your products. This is not something you should be forcing your customers to do.

What you really need to do is to ask them to share their experience with the product with their circle so that others can try it as well. Don’t say stuff like, “Sam, please share my products on your Facebook/Instagram story with others and tell them how awesome it was so that I can get customers to try these products as well.” This is way out of it, and believe me, this happened.

This may work for your very hot market, but for a cold or even warm market, it is more unlikely for it to be effective. There is no way I would be interested to share anything if someone keeps telling me to do that every time I try to buy something from him/her.

Just simply say, “If you enjoyed the product, a testimonial on your experience is very much appreciated.” Other spamming methods include stuffing your social media with your products, joining a community or Facebook Group and telling people how amazing your product is and asking them to buy it for trial. This is just unacceptable.

So just give your customers the choice to look into your product or to buy it. Don’t just spam them with messages or emails to buy. Share curiosity messages that mention their pain points and how this product can help them with it so gets them interested to ask.

Don’t be fake and pretend that you care

I see this a lot when trying to make direct sales in network marketing. Marketers adding friends on Facebook and faking their interest in them. This will get you nowhere.

Consistent contact and genuine conversations with your customers is what can get you sales but just adding them and asking some of the conversation starter questions and instantly getting into the details of a product and how they can purchase it is just inappropriate.

Another thing I noticed is marketers contacting an old friend and pretending like they wanna meet for catching up but what they do is just tell them about their business and awesome products hoping they would join your business or buy a product immediately. This is so heartbreaking.

Imagine this happens to you. You meet an old friend who contacted you saying that he/she misses you and wanna catch up for coffee or dinner. When you go there to meet them, you start noticing that this meeting is not about you and “catching up” as they said. It is more about them and their business.

You would be heartbroken and feel like this person is trying to take advantage of you and sell you his/her product. This would turn you off from the meeting and discourage you to be friendly enough to try their product. So be careful with that. 

Show sincerity when contacting your old friend. Don’t contact them just for the sake of sharing your opportunity or luring them into buying your product. Just meet them to “genuinely” catch up. Keep meeting them until it is the right time to talk about it.

Stop messaging everyone you know that you started your business

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Yes, I know that you are supposed to make a WDYKL (Who Do You Know List) of all your contacts so that you start contacting them to join your business. But you can not message each one of them saying you started a new business and ask them to have a look at it. I am sorry to say but this is just rude.

Invading every person you know and letting them know that you started your business is not something that can help you in any way possible. It will just repel them because in their head they would say, “Like I care.”

Start a conversation with them about general matters and when the question “What do you do?” or “So what have you been up to lately?’ comes up, you can share your business details (not with the recruiting mindset, but with the casual mindset).

Let them ask you themselves so you maintain interest in what you do. This way it is more likely that they would wanna know more than just knowing you started a business.

Don’t trade business with friendships

This is very common when making direct sales in the network marketing business. For some marketers, all they care about is making sales and focusing on that point and that point only.

This can be very frustrating to your circle. Some people may not be interested to buy or even try out your product. Pressuring them will just get them uncomfortable around you and hence you lose their friendship with time.

Set goals and create a growth plan

This is a very important part of your business. You need to set both short-term and long-term goals that can help you grow your business. Like for example, your short-term goal can be to get 10 customers per month. Your long term can be 50-60 customers in a year.

This will drive you to push yourself and make progress in your daily activities to reach your goal.

But one thing to note is, you need to be very realistic when setting your goals. If you are a person whose circle contains a small number of people, setting a short-term goal of 10 customers per month can be discouraging. You can work on making 5 customers instead of 10, which is possible to achieve.

Use social media to your advantage

Post but don’t over post!

Yes, social media is a great way to socialize with people and offer them to try out your products but you shouldn’t overdo it. Use the 80/20 rule to help you maintain an interesting balance on your posts.

80/20 rule, direct sales

When posting or talking to a potential customer, show excitement for what you are offering. The only way people can actually want to try out something is if they see the enthusiasm in your eyes and words.

Use social media to your advantage to direct sales and advertise your product’s benefits.


To summarize, never stop networking. Always keep connecting with people and build relationships so you can widen your circle and get a higher chance of making sales without sounding sales-y.

How To Succeed in Direct Sales in Network Marketing

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