Simple Daily Routine For Your Network Marketing Business

For any business, having a daily routine plan is what can make you be more productive and grow your business. It is our daily routine that determines our level of success in the network marketing business we run.

There is a phrase that Ray Higdon said that hit me because it was what I was doing, “Most new MLM marketers spend their days getting ready to get ready. They are busy creating action plans on creating their actions plans.” Believe me, it is true and if you are a beginner, then you know I am right.

As beginners, we get to spend time planning our plan but never felt ready to implement them. But trust me when I tell you that there is never a perfect moment of initiation. My biggest mistake was not understanding or even believing that when I first started.

If you are a person who got into the network marketing business because you love the product and want some discount, then this post is not for you. Feel free to check out other posts that might be relevant.

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However, if you are planning on building a successful business, then this post is for you and so keep reading.

Not only in network marketing, but any kind of business needs a plan for success so that you can keep track and understanding of where you’re going and how you can reach there.

The main thing in all this is that you need to take action on a daily basis. Like I always say, “Consistency is the key”. If you keep your interactions on an unfluctuating level, then you can see more engagements from your audience. But if you are inconsistent, things won’t work out the way you want them to.

The easiest way to do that is by having a checklist that has everything sorted out on what you need to do to on a daily basis to accomplish success.
Feel free to get the checklist here.

The time length mentioned below is for part-timers. If you are a full-time network marketer, then you can just double the time length. However, the tasks are the same for both.


Daily Routine #1
Spend time for personal development

This is the most crucial of all. You need to invest time in your self-development because that is the only thing that can keep you going. It helps you recharge your self-esteem, develop your determination to succeed and help you remember that it is normal to feel the frustration you feel from time to time.

Whenever I feel like I am not making progress or maybe feel like it is too much to handle, the videos I watch or the podcasts I listen to bring back my motivation to keep going and reminds me that I am not the only one who feels the way I do. That there are very successful people in this world who feel the same way.

So I made it a rule that my daily routine should include 15-20 mins of working on personal growth. I alternate days between network marketing and direct sales training, and your mindset training.

For my mindset training, I make sure that I go through my affirmation sheet that is stuck on my board every day the first thing when I wake up. You have no idea how it boosts my self-confidence and makes me feel invincible and that everything is possible in this life.

Also, try making it a habit to learn one new thing every day. It can be about anything or anyone. Sometimes I try to read more about people who inspire me and learn something about them that teach me in life. It doesn’t have to be business-related but also about life.

For my network marketing and direct training, I read books and watch youtube videos that help me understand how to get things done. However, most of the time, I read blogs of other network marketers and learn things but implement what I see convenient to me. If you want some books recommendations for beginners, comment below.

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Daily Routine #2
Create any kind of content

In order to enhance your audience, you need to create different kinds of contents. Readers would want to read your blog, visual people would want to watch videos and busy people would want to listen while doing their work.

So having to do three types of contents can be very hectic if you didn’t plan well on how to complete them in a week. So the simplest way to achieve productivity in content creation is to try and create at least one content every day.

Podcasts are the content that takes the least time in creation. Normally it takes 20-30 mins to create a podcast (it can be more, but this is the ideal length). So you can start by completing your podcast recording on the first day.

Blog posts tend to take more time than a podcast but are very effective. You can divide your post writing into 3 days of 40-60 mins per day.

Spend day 1 on doing complete research on the topic you want to blog about. Make day 2 for planning on what to write. Make sure you have a spreadsheet where you can write your heading and subheading of your post with contents as bullet points. The last day is now spent on writing the blog. It is the research and planning that takes time, not the typing (unless you are a slow typer which means you mean more than an hour).

Many people (including me at first) do the mistake of jumping in into writing the blog post without spending time on doing thorough research first. If you plan on doing both simultaneously, then writing will take more time and hence becomes more frustrating.

If you think you are busy and don’t find time in making research before blogging, think again. You can research a topic while eating your breakfast/lunch, while waiting in the car for your kids to get in from school, before going to bed, etc.

Note: If you are a full-time network marketer, then do the research and planning on the same day. Don’t double the research time or the planning time. Just do both in one day.

Tip: There are three content types that can attract prospects. They are contents that entertain, inspire or educate (EIE). (more on this oncoming posts)

Videos can take the longest time of all. I haven’t created a video content yet, but according to the research I made, it all depends on the kind of video you are planning to create. Some videos may take 2 to 3 hours for filming and editing while others can take from 6 hours to a whole week.

So my suggestion is, try to spend at least an hour daily to create content. If you are someone like me who is doing network marketing as a part-time job, then I guess you can exclude video content creation as it takes a lot of time creating them.

Create a content calendar for a whole month using these content types. It will save a lot of time for you.


Daily Routine #3
Make connections with new people through Social Media or in-person

In our business, we need to meet or talk to people every day; it is all about talking to people. We need to expose our products and business opportunities to people. So it is a must to never stop making new connections in our business.

If you are a part-time network marketer, then you need to communicate with at least 5-10 people a day. But if you are a full-time network marketer, then you need to communicate with at least 15-20 people a day. When I say at least, I mean it. You should aim for higher numbers but if you have an extremely busy schedule, then this is the least you can do to grow your business.

As a part-timer, I spend at least 30 mins to make new connections. Since my warm market is not much and I am done with them by now, I spend time making connections online.

Talking can be by calling people and exposing your business or connecting with them through social media. You can also send emails talking about your business and either inviting people to join or offering them a product to try.

Some people still send postcards and find it effective, so you can try that too. We don’t really send postcards here so this method is ineffective from where I come from.

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Daily Routine #4

The secret is in the follow-ups. Many network marketers tend to forget or ignore this part. Following up is the secret to get people in. Most people don’t join from the first attempt. In fact, they just may not be interested to join at all. However, the more you follow up, the more chances you have with them. Who knows, you may approach them at the right time for them to consider your offer.

Depending on your means of contact, follow up time length can vary. It can take 1-3 mins for each prospect to follow up. Following up through a phone call can take 2-3 minutes, a minute or less through social media and perhaps a minute via email. So divide your time according to how you’ll contact your prospect.

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Daily Routine #5
Train a team member

A team member can be a new team member or someone from your downline.

With a new team member, you can discuss the points in video training that you shared some time ago. It helps them with understanding or viewing things in a clearer picture. You can also plan goals on how to achieve a certain target for the week or month.

With your downline, give them some verbal support even if they are lacking behind in some aspects. You have no idea how they would feel if their mentor said good stuff about them. Even if it is something they thought was impossible, they would try their best and will achieve it eventually.

One thing I need to say here is, the mistake many uplines do is that they see the problem from their perspective, not from the person actually facing the problem. Help them with their problems, not with something you think is their problem. Look at what they want to improve on and help them with it. Suggest ways to grow and motivate them in doing it. Remember this is not an employee-employer relationship. Everyone here is independent but all they need is your support.



Here is a summary of your daily routine for your network marketing business:

  1. Spend time on your personal growth. ( 15-20 mins )
  2. Go through your affirmation sheet to boost your self-confidence. ( 1-2 mins )
  3. Learn something new whether it is related to your business or life. ( 10-15 mins)
  4. Create any kind of content. ( 1 hour )
  5. Make connections with new people through Social Media or in person ( 15-30 mins )
  6. Follow up with previous prospects. ( 15-30 mins )
  7. Train a team member. ( 30-45 mins )

By sparing only 2-3 hours per day and following these daily tasks, you will be able to have a very successful business even as a part-timer.

If you choose not to expand your business on a digital level, then you can skip task 4. But make sure the rest 6 tasks are completed on a daily basis.

But remember, everything takes time and consistency to become bigger and bigger. So you need to stop feeling frustrated if you get little to no results at the beginning. You’ll see that you are getting great progress in your results after the first year.

Check out the checklist for your daily routine that you can print and pin on your board. (Subscribe and get the access password)


I hope this post was helpful.

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