What to say when people ask “What Do You Do?” in Network Marketing

If you always struggle with this question of what exactly to respond when someone asks what is it that you do when you join a network marketing company, then you are just like how I used to feel when I first started my business.

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At first, I didn’t really understand what exactly is my “job title” was. Is it that I am just a saleswoman promoting some company’s products (according to most negative influencers), a business owner, a business coach…what exactly is it that I am doing?

Having multiple things being done in your business, you think that the best part of being part of a home business is that you are all the above one way or another (not exactly those titles but you do all these), isn’t that cool? A salesperson for products of a company that helps you build your own business, a business owner as you have your own brand that represents your business, a business coach because you have a downline that you look after by giving them the support and coaching they need to grow their own businesses, and you can also be an entrepreneur because I have my freedom business.

All these came to your mind and made you feel lost on what to say. You fit in all but somehow fit in none.


I am here to help you answer this question, but before I do, I want you to know two things:

No one really cares what your title is

You need to know that people are so focused on their own lives and problems and that they are always on a lookout on how their problems can be solved. I am not saying people don’t care about people, don’t get me wrong, what I am saying is people always care about themselves and their situations and then think about others and their lives.

So, your job is not to choose some fancy title to feel all high and mighty about your job, you need to mention people’s pain when you say what is it that you do to get them interested to move further with the conversation.

Let us imagine a scenario where you’re trying to get to know someone or just having some conversation with them and they ask you the “spine-chilling” question: What is it that you do (your name)?

I am going to show you two sample answers and I want you to think about which one feels that you’re interested and not being interesting (in simple words, which of the two feels more about them than about you?).

Answer 1
I am a network marketer and run my own business. Our company is a billion dollar company that operates over different countries worldwide. We have amazing compensation plans and incentives and a lot of top earners are with our company.

Answer 2
(Business introduction):I help people create financial independence for them and their families through direct sales and online marketing. This way they can spend more time with their families by working from home.

(Product introduction):I help people hit their fitness goals without the need to starve themselves or go through some crazy diet plans that don’t really work or cause them fatigue or health deterioration.

Noowww…..can you see the difference?? Which one did you choose? O.O
I know right….Answer 2!!!
Who would even listen to you after the bunch of unnecessary, high-level words you used in Answer 1. Trust me when I tell you this…NO ONE REALLY CARES!!

The goal behind their question

You may not believe me when I tell you this, but it is soooo true!

People always have a goal when they ask you about anything. For example, someone asks: “Hey Reem, did you go to the party last night?” Now you may think they just wanna know if I made it to the party, but the goal is in the next question, “And how was it?” (if you made it, to know more about the party) or “Why not?” (if you didn’t, what stopped you).

This is no different! People ask you and check if it benefits them or not. If your introduction raised curiosity and got people interested to know more about what you do, mission accomplished!

You have to focus on how you can help people and how you can help them value their time and earn an extra income or use a product they have been looking for to solve a certain problem.

Following this format will help you generate prospects and customers. Even if it didn’t, it helps build conversations with people as you will be talking with them about a common interest and maybe in the future they can get into your list. Also, you wouldn’t waste time trying to prospect people who share no interest in what you do.

Ok…I still didn’t answer the main question and the reason you’re reading this post…what is my job title? If someone happened to ask me to fill in a job title, what exactly should I say?

This has a very simple answer.

Here it comes….


Yes, you are! Be proud!

In short:

  • Avoid trying to get all fancy about what you do. Just insert a solution to their problem in your introduction.
  • Don’t be hyped when talking about your network marketing business as it turns people off and makes them lose curiosity.
  • Always focus on what is in it for them.

Tanya Aliza talks about this in more details in her video below.

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