What You Should Tell Yourself Every Morning (Affirmations)

In our business, it is easy to feel frustrated or distracted. We need something to remind us that we should keep going no matter what.

Your morning is what decides how your day will be like. If you woke up from the wrong side of the bed, it usually ruins your whole day which in turn affects your productivity. It happens with me all the time.


So how can we make our day better? We TELL ourselves that it is going to be better. This means that we need to repeat our daily affirmations every morning to boost our subconscious mind to perform better and handle pressure better.

Your daily positive affirmations are what aligns you with your goals. Repeating them every morning will help you get through your day by achieving success more than you actually thought you would.

Here are my most effective positive affirmations that I tell myself every morning.

  1. Today is going to be incredible.
  2. I can achieve anything I set my mind to.
  3. I am happy and grateful that I am excited to share my business opportunity and product with people.
  4. I will not settle for anything other than the best life and business that I truly deserve.
  5. I have the best team and amazing business partners working alongside me.
  6. I have the best products/services in my industry.
  7. I will ignore negative people and keep my positive attitude.
  8. I am an amazing leader that everyone would want to work with.
  9. I am a great trainer who sees things from my team’s perspective and relates to them.
  10. I inspire others to make their lives work to the maximum because I have shared my opportunity with them.
  11. I know that every “no” is closer to a “yes”.
  12. I am confident in my abilities.
  13. I am not asking anyone a favor. I am giving them an opportunity and trying to help them.
  14. I am going to be one of the top recruiters and trainers in Network Marketing.
  15. It is easy to start up conversations with strangers. I just have to be myself and connect with them.
  16. I am warm and likable so people will join me with little effort on my part.
  17. I am brave, bold, strong and blessed.
  18. I was born to win and become rich.
  19. I am now creating my life exactly as I want it.
  20. I choose not to take anything but my success personally.
  21. I set an example for others.
  22. I have an amazing determination that I never give up.
  23. I have everything that can help me become the person I want.
  24. I continuously increase my savings and investments as a result of my Network Marketing business success.
  25. I can and will reach my goal no matter what it takes and no matter what people say.

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