Why You Should Have Your Own Network Marketing Blog

A lot of people ask me this: “Why do I need a blog for my network marketing business? I mean I am on Facebook/Instagram/Pinterest.”

Most network marketers believe that as long as they are on social media, then blogging is not required. I am sorry to break this to you but that is not true.

Why You Should Have Your Own Network Marketing Blog

Any business needs a zone to expose itself to the fullest. Social media can only show bits and pieces of what your business truly is about and who the person running this business is. However, blogging is totally different. In your blog, you get to talk about your business to its core, and most of all, you can show the world who you are.

When I started my network marketing business, all I was thinking about was to post everything I learned ( and still learning) so others can also gain something from my experience. I know that there are others like me who a finding network marketing to be a very difficult process to stay intact with. So why not help them out.

For this reason, I started this blog where I get to post about everything I know that can help struggling network marketers with their business.

Another reason for me was, I wanted people to know who I was. Whenever I get to meet people for the first time, like in a coffee shop or at the mall, I introduce myself and connect with them. After having a warm conversation, we exchange a phone number or a social account where we can stay in touch. Before leaving, I share my business card with them where my website is mentioned. After going home or whenever they are free, they check my website and have a look at what my business is all about. They will get to know me better.

Do you see? Don’t you think if the person who visited my website will have a stronger impression on me than the mere ten or twenty minutes that we conversed? Yes, she will!

Therefore, a network marketing blog is considered as the most important part of your network marketing business. You need to start your own blog and below are the main reasons why.


Blogging Reason #1
You stand out from other network marketers

Even though it is important to own a blog, the not-so-shocking news is that not all network marketers have one. So having one will prove to your prospects/customers that you are not just any other network marketer. It will show them that you are credible enough to know what you are doing.

You can create a blog that talks about your product/services. While there are people who post on social media about how awesome their product is, you can point people to your blog where you talk about the right way to use this product. This will be considered more valuable to the customer than just sharing your product.

Having your own blog on network marketing helps prospects know that you are the real deal and that you are not into something you don’t have much knowledge about. This business is about building relationships and trust with people. The only way they can trust you is if they start to like you by knowing you better. That could happen by giving them an amazing first impression through your blog. This way, they will believe that if they decided to join you, you will support them because you can.


Blogging Reason #2
It sets you up as a leader with authority in your niche

Most people who are believed to have credible expertise in their niche have blogs to prove it. So if you are a person who blogs about your niche, people will look at you as a reliable leader and will be open to hear what you have to say.

Once you have identified yourself as someone of knowledge in your niche or in network marketing, then you have earned your potential prospect’s trust in what you are offering. This way, you are giving them a reason to trust your advice and rely on your guidance to help them with their problems.

When people see that you post about very helpful weight loss tips, they will listen to you when you recommend them to use your product. Same goes with network marketing. If you share with prospects content that can help them with their current business, they will come to you for advice. If the are planning to join a network company, then they will join the person they trust….you!


Blogging Reason #3
You brand yourself, not your company

The #1 lesson we teach in network marketing is that you are running your own business and you represent yourself not your company. Although a lot fail to understand that and still post their company links, it is not right. You don’t name your shop with the brands of the products you are selling. You just ask people to visit your shop to explore and shop if interested. It is the same with a network marketing business.

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So having your own blog shows prospects who you are. If people want to know about the company you are representing as a network marketer, they would just google it and know more. But prospects visit your blog to know more about you.

In network marketing, people are working with you, not the company. Prospects deal with you when selling or recruiting, not the company. So who do you think will interest them more, you or the company? First, they would want to know more about who will they be dealing with, then look into the company they will be representing. Your blog tells your story and that will bring them to you.


Blogging Reason #4
You have more control on your blog than you do on your social media accounts

Most people have this misconception of how they “own” their social media accounts and that they can post anything they want without having any hindrance. But that is not true.

Social media accounts are prone to be frozen accidentally or shut down due to you not following certain terms and conditions (that, most time, you didn’t know existed). Maybe you said the wrong stuff on that platform or promoted a product or opportunity to the wrong person and he/she reported you. Those are real cases and they do happen. Happened with me too. I promoted my product on Instagram and someone reported me which made Instagram close my business account.

But by having your own blog, you are in control of whatever content you wish to post. No one tells you what to post or what to do with your blog. As long as you are not breaking any laws, you OWN your blog; unlike your social media accounts.


Blogging Reason #5
It helps you to stay motivated

In network marketing, it is very easy to get demotivated to keep going. It can be for many different reasons like the frustration of not making sales this month, listening to negative comments about your business or product, etc.

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Blogging can help you build a readership that you will find yourself being accountable to. They will always be waiting for your next blog post and the last thing you would want is to lose your credibility or the “community” you built through your blog. Maybe you don’t see many people commenting on those posts but you can see your pageviews growing.

This will help you stay motivated and maintain consistency in providing your audience with the valuable content they are anticipating every time you post a new blog post.

You will see how surprising it is to find yourself being responsible for those readers. This will push you to maintain your consistency to share more contents. If you are a blogger who shares content from your heart, then you will find yourself being motivated to continue.


Blogging Reason #6
It helps to generate new leads for your business

I am not sure if you have heard about inbound marketing but Hubspot defines it as follows:

A business methodology that attracts customers by creating valuable content and experiences tailored to them.

With this said, blog posts are considered to be part of inbound marketing. By sharing value to your prospects, you are attracting them to you and making it easy for them for choosing to approach you. This way you are generating leads to your business. They don’t have to immediately join your network marketing business, but they look up to you and may eventually decide to be part of your team. You just have to learn the strategy to do so.

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Also, if there is a new lead from your social media account, you can redirect them to your blog and give them more information on your post. This will be of more value to the prospect than what you posted with the limited number of characters on social media.


Blogging Reason #7
It acts as your training center

When a new team member joins your business, you support them by sharing the materials the company has in order to grow their business. But most of the time, the materials are related to the products/services they are going to sell. Business training is very basic.

Your blog can act as a training center for them. You post valuable contents that they can use to build their business to the next level. It helps you post your personal training strategies that can assist your new team members with their business alongside the company’s trainings. It would feel more personal when they get involved in your blog.


Blogging Reason #8
It is a process for long-term success

For total beginners, blogging can be hectic. You would need to think of a host of your website, website design, blog contents, etc. Also, you need to invest time in creating and working on the content of your blog post (for higher SEO ranking, blog post needs to be 1500-3000 words) because that is what can make your blog stand out from the rest.

But seriously, this should not discourage you. The chaos is only until you launch your website. Give yourself a month to get your website together. After that, all you need is consistency and killer contents to get success. The content you post stays there forever. Its value helps you gain new leads even if it is after a year.

You should have the mindset of long-term success when starting your blog because it won’t happen in a short time. You can’t build an audience in a short time. Having long-term plans of success for your business is what can help you grow. Any business should be built on long-term goals. Again, network marketing is not any different.



Having your own network marketing blog helps you stand out as a leader with credibility. This will get you more new leads and interaction with your customers which in turn will help your business in the long run.

Like I said above, you are not going to see skyrocket results when you start blogging. That won’t happen. When you start, you won’t have any leads because no one really knows you well, also, you just started sharing value to your prospects. So, all you need is time and consistency with a strategy to follow on what and when you can post.

You don’t have to be “great” writers or post every single day to have an effective blog. In fact, most network marketers create a new blog post once or twice a week. What matters is being consistent and posting valuable content to those customers. I know there may be many reasons going on in your head that stops you from starting your own blog but don’t listen to those voices. Just start and you’ll see the changes.


I hope this post was helpful.

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Why You Should Have Your Own Network Marketing Blog

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