You should not mention your company name when prospecting. Why?

Ok ok…I know this sounds absolutely absurd because you may say, “Reem are you insane? How can I prospect someone to join your network marketing business without telling them the name of the company I represent?”

Everyone believes that it is the company’s name that attracts prospects. That’s not true! It is you and your team.


Why doesn’t company name matter?

There is one thing you need to know about Network Marketing prospecting. When you prospect someone, you are not asking them to join your MLM company, you are asking them to join your TEAM! Prospects has nothing to do with your company except that they use their products to run their business

Yes, it’s true. Think about it. When someone agrees to join you, are they joining the company? No! They are joining YOUR team. They will be working with YOU, not the company. They are joining because they’re looking forward to work with the person who promised to help show them a way to obtain solutions to their problems that you talked about when prospecting them. They will want to work with YOU because you will be the one showing them HOW to reach their goals and gain from joining. They will get all this from YOU, not the company. There is nothing unique about your MLM company. It’s your uniqueness that attracted them to the business opportunity or product.

This brings me to the phrase “Branding yourself”. I will be talking about the importance of starting your own brand on the coming posts. But, for now, I want you to know that the best way to grab a prospect’s attention is to brand yourself and create a name for your team. This way, you can talk about your team’s objectives and goals, the achievements you accomplished as a team, the kind of the people you’re working with, etc. Don’t you think they would be more interested when they know about all this than the company’s details/features that mean nothing to them to peak their interest?

Remember, we all love being part of something big, something that is bigger than we can imagine. We all want to enjoy what we are doing, and the only way we would want something different than what we are doing is if we see that we are getting ourselves into something huge and at the same time enjoying it with the people around us.

If you are already part of a team that has a name and a success story, then you can share it with your prospect by telling them that they will be part of this team. You don’t have to create a team name from scratch if you are part of a successful one. Use this for now and if later you decide to have one, go for it!

Apart from the fact that branding yourself and talking about your team rather than your MLM company makes it more interesting to the prospect, there are other reasons why you shouldn’t talk about your MLM company.

You are killing curiosity

If you spread around your company’s name and give it away for everyone to see, why would the prospect want to talk to you and ask you about details? They would just go and google the company’s name and God knows what all they could find.

It is very common that in any successful company, some people may have negative reviews about the company or their product/service. What if they read those negative reviews and change their minds about joining? Not everything people write is true but not everyone thinks that way. So this will come to our disadvantage and even theirs.

There are thousands of distributors other than you in your MLM company. Not everyone operates the same way. Some teams continue and work hard to achieve their goals, others don’t. So, you should make the person interested in what/how your team operates to achieve their goals.

It is safer

Safer? Why safer?…..I know this is what crossed your mind!
No one knows what the future holds for us. Think about this, what if something bad happens to your MLM company and for some reason, they had to shut down? What are you going to do then? You always talked about your company and now something terrible happened to it. Most people will affiliate you with the company.

So from now onwards, don’t post about your company and its features or directly introduce prospects to your company. Instead, just introduce yourself (or your brand) as part of a great team, and talk about its objectives and accomplishments. Tell them about what you and your team will provide for them. The company name can be mentioned after the person talks to you about wanting to join.

Check out Jenny Steven‘s video where she explains in more details about why you shouldn’t mention your company name.


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